7 Interesting Facts about Emilia Clarke You Are Not Aware of Yet

The star of The Game of Thrones is beloved by many fans. Sure, many people want to know more about this gifted actress. She is a truly outstanding and cheerful personality with good humor. These traits helped in overcoming tough situations. This includes coping with her health problems during the filming of the series. Still, she appeared as a professional actress in the outcome. We see that from the concrete results. But, we are sure that you are not aware of certain facts of her biography that had helped her to become a person of such kind. We will tell you about them.

  1. Emilia decided to be an actress at the age of 4

She was fond of a theatre when her father was a sound designer there. She saw all these amazing space inside and enjoyed the profession of an actress. Sure, nobody treated this young girl’s passion too seriously. But, she brought to life her childhood aspirations later. We speak not only about The Game of Thrones. The actress gained a very positive experience even before. Her first play in Oxford school was successful and encouraged her for keeping moving in this direction. Emilia was confident and didn’t have any fear of a scene at all.
7 Interesting Facts about Emilia Clarke You Are Not Aware of Yet

  1. She worked hard and had six jobs before getting the main role of her career

Emilia had to work a lot to cover her daily needs. She had both regular jobs and auditions. Sure, she was not the only actress who had gained such experience. Perhaps, exactly this experience helped her in overcoming further health difficulties. Also, plenty of useful acting experience helped her in becoming a professional.

  1. Emilia was not an original choice for her role in The Game of Thrones

In fact, Tamzin Merchant was the first chosen actress for this role and even filmed in pilot scenes. Still, something went wrong and the directors made the recast. After it, Emilia got this role. Now, fans can hardly imagine somebody else at this place. Still, that is true. Daenerys Targaryen could be played by a totally different person. This choice of directors was good in the outcome. Emilia fitted this role perfectly.
7 Interesting Facts about Emilia Clarke You Are Not Aware of Yet

  1. Emilia experienced aneurysms in her brain during acting

After she had finished her acting in the first part of The Game of Thrones, Emilia got a brain aneurysm and did the surgery. This illness emerged during her workouts. Afterward, she collapsed in her bathroom. At that moment, she was at the age of 24. Unfortunately, the actress experienced not the last surgery. Her Season 2 was accompanied by fatigue and chronic aches. And after Season 3 she required to do the next surgery and recover for more than one month. Her persistence deserves real admiration.

  1. She could appear in 50 Shades of Grey

Can you imagine Anastasia Steele performed by Emilia Clarke? In fact, she got that role but refused from it. That is because of a lot of nude scenes in this film. But, the actress intended to work with the movie’s director Mr. Taylor-Johnson. The main argument for her refusal was the unwillingness to form a stereotype about her as an actress. We presume it is about a nudity actress. That is reasonable from her side. The movie history knows a lot of examples when actresses, who had become popular thanks to nudity roles, later were called only for a similar type of roles.

  1. Emilia is a huge fan of Beyoncé and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Emilia enjoys songs of Beyoncé immensely. We can say you even more about the relations of these stars. Once, Emilia got a chance to meet with Beyoncé and told her how fond of this singer she was. In her turn, Beyoncé told her that Emily was a gorgeous actress and Emilia started nearly cry of that in her turn. The actress was so happy to get acquainted with Beyoncé personally and hear such amazing words from her. It’s hard to blame her for such sincere emotions because Beyoncé is a really cool singer.
7 Interesting Facts about Emilia Clarke You Are Not Aware of Yet

Also, Emilia enjoys Schwarzenegger. From childhood times when she watched two movies of Terminator, she had become a great fan of this outstanding actor. Perhaps, exactly admiration by this ironman encouraged her to fight during the next life challenges. She even wanted to appear as an ironwoman and did a lot of hardcore workouts to have a great shape. Yes, she was inspired by Schwarzenegger this way. As Emilia said, Schwarzenegger’s acting was amazing and his presence was calming.

  1. Emilia is a traveler

Even if she is extremely busy, Emilia finds another opportunity to travel, even for a short period. She enjoys immensely Asia and visited its south for many times. It is wise to take a small travel pack and go somewhere just to change your space. Fans also know about her Indian retreat, where she had a chance for spending time in peace and spiritual space. Perhaps, that was an amazing journey as her colleague Rose Leslie accompanied her.
7 Interesting Facts about Emilia Clarke You Are Not Aware of Yet