7 Most Incredible and Shocking Swimming Pools in the World

Swimming pool. Just two words, but what a pleasure just to mention it. You are lying on a sunbed, slowly sipping your cocktail, around happy people. After finishing your cocktail, you get up and run into the cold pool and hide from the scorching sun rays.
This development was most likely last year, but unfortunately not now in light of recent events with the spread of the virus around the world, so we decided to tease you a little and tell you about the 7 most unique pools located in different parts of the world. In the hope that when the situation is finally resolved, you will take your family members and make sure to visit one of them.

1. The largest swimming pool

San Alfonso del Mar, the Algarrobo resort.
We strongly recommend that you remember these coordinates if you want to see the largest swimming pool in the world firsthand. The pool is located right next to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and its length is more than a thousand meters. Yes, you heard right. To swim across such a pool, you will have to sweat a lot. But an attentive reader should have a question: what kind of person would come up with the idea to build a pool right on the Pacific Ocean? The answer is simple: this coast is teeming with bloodthirsty sharks, so most tourists will gladly give a few hundred dollars to enjoy the ocean views while in the pool and stay unharmed. Interesting fact. Maintenance of this monster among the pools costs at least $ 4 million a year. That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?
7 Most Incredible and Shocking Swimming Pools in the World

2. Swimming pool with the most stunning views in the world

If you have ever dreamed of seeing what is called Nirvana live, you need to go here. This two-level swimming pool is located in Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel on the island of Bali.
Just look at the photo. This pool is not only located in the middle of the jungle and wild nature, it is located right next to a Buddhist temple. This means that every time you enjoy your time in the water, you will be surrounded by peace and tranquility. If your life is full of stress, especially lately, maybe this is the right moment to put everything aside, and head straight there when the borders are open? Think about it.
7 Most Incredible and Shocking Swimming Pools in the World

3. The longest rooftop pool

In the modern world, companies are constantly fighting for the attention of their clients, so a client with money is not surprised by the presence of a pool on the hotel’s territory. But what if the pool is located at a height of 200 meters, and make it extend almost 150 meters? Take my word for it, if you are looking for a place where you can relax your soul, as well as in the natural word to crap your pants, then you are right here. This pool is located in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Hotel. Some people claim with complete confidence that they have overcome their fear of heights, having been in this pool. If you are a carrier of the same fear, maybe the time has come?
7 Most Incredible and Shocking Swimming Pools in the World

4. The deepest pool in the world

If you are a fan of extreme Hobbies, as well as a fan of depth, but there is no possibility to dive into the ocean at the moment, look at this option.
“Y-40”, the so-called deepest pool in the world, was built by Emanuele Boaretto and is located in Italy. This name is symbolic: the letter “Y” is the designation of the coordinate axis, and “40” is the maximum depth of the pool.
For lovers of diving and caves in this pool, these options are provided, so you can be sure that a visit to this pool will not leave you indifferent.
7 Most Incredible and Shocking Swimming Pools in the World

5. The most beautiful cave pook in the world

Many people have come to believe that the word cave is synonymous with darkness, dampness, and fear. We hasten to assure you that this is completely untrue, and the caves can be not only dark, but also beautiful.
Meet the pool that is located on the Greek island of Santorini. This pool is unique not only because it is one of the most visited and beautiful pools in the world, but also because it is located in a natural volcanic cave. This pool is so beautiful that once you get into it, you will not want to get out of there. The water is heated daily under the influence of sunlight, so you can not be afraid that he is in a cave. The atmosphere of peace and tranquility is guaranteed to you.
7 Most Incredible and Shocking Swimming Pools in the World

6. The most futuristic pool

We live in the era of cyberpunk and modern technology, so some objects may seem a little outdated to us. Therefore, if you, like us, are constantly in search of something new and futuristic, we advise you to pay attention to the pool located in the thermal baths of the Austrian hotel Aqua Dome. This pool is unique not only for its shape and location outside the hotel, but also for the fact that you can swim in it 24/7 at any time of the year. Is it snowing outside? Never mind. The pool temperature is maintained daily at 34-36 degrees Celsius, so you will always be in complete comfort, regardless of weather conditions. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to this pool if you are looking for something new and want to refresh your senses.
7 Most Incredible and Shocking Swimming Pools in the World

7. The infinite pool

The Rangali Island Hotel infinity pool, the Maldives.
At the very end, we left one of the best swimming pools in the world, and would like to stay on it. You can write a lot about the advantages of this pool, but we will only notice the main thing. Just imagine that the pool originates on the shore of the island, flowing smoothly over the horizon, which makes it seem that the pool itself has no borders or end, and flows smoothly into the Indian ocean. If you are looking for peace of mind and are looking for an opportunity to relax your soul, we advise you to visit this pool. Perhaps in proud solitude. To sort things out in your head.