8 Lifesaver Gifts For Your New Boyfriend

Sometimes it’s incredibly complex to make presents for men. Why? Well, when it comes to accessories, you realise men tend to use them less. Wallet? No, men don’t like hassle of moving things between it. Something of art, music and cinema? The task is twice as difficult since it may not suite men’s taste.
The thing is you can’t just visit a store and buy something they would have absolutely adore just like women fell in love with flowers and bonbons. If you want to make your boyfriend happy, you have to be smart about what to buy as a gift for him. Sometimes only the time spent together may reveal men’s tastes, but what a girlfriend should do if it’s a new boyfriend? The task becomes three times more difficult since every girl wants a man to respect his girlfriend for showing reverence for the presented gift.
For those who constantly think about this question we have some not too expensive and brilliant ideas for a present.

1. Wooden Sunglasses

Every man wants to become James Bond once in a lifetime, but when we grow older we understand this is kind of hard. But what’s more important, nearly every man loves to wear glasses.
Sunglasses will be of extreme utility when it comes to summer. Protecting your eyes from the sun is a must, and a pair of glam wooden sunglasses may be an excellent present showing your love and care about your partner. We understand that buying a pair of Ray Bans may hit the wallet, but when it comes to wooden ones it won’t matter. Made all of the wood, it may become a stylish accessory in a man’s wardrobe and become his favorite pair for many years to come.
8 Lifesaver Gifts For Your New Boyfriend

2. Novelty Socks

If you ever had a chance to live with your boyfriend, there’s no need to tell you how difficult is to find another sock when you’re going to work in a hurry. Boys are famous for their infinite love for superheroes and something they’ve dreamt about when they were kids and wished to be send to the Moon. A pair of beautiful socks may be a wonderful present for your boyfriend, when you know about his tastes. Try asking him leading questions to understand his preferences, search for some soks online, then hit him like a lightning bolt with this cute gift and we assure you – he’ll be over the Moon.

3. Scented Candle

When it comes to scented candles, some women may think it’s only up to women to use them, like, in the bathroom or while doing the household duties, but we can assure you men do like pleasant aromas no less than women. You can search online and buy a man a good one candle that smells like burning fire or a forest and make him dive into his memories. Basically, these types of candles are made specifically for boys, and usually they go with a wooden package for the best effect.
8 Lifesaver Gifts For Your New Boyfriend

4. Mini Projector

Every man as a child imagined that he was watching a cartoon not on the TV, but on the screen of a giant screen in a movie theater. Yeah, it may be a bit pricey if you search for the professional projectors online (their price vary between a couple of hundred to thousands of dollars), but take a closer look at mini projector. You can buy one for a reasonable price for about $70-50.
That gift is off the A-list. Your boyfriend will go crazy when he’ll have an opportunity to rewatch ‘The Lord of The Rings’ using his wall. Another plus to the purchase – it’s ability to project any stuff from your phone to a wall. Absolutely fantastic.

5. Beard Kit

The beard needs to be taken care of no less than the hair, and every bearded man knows this. You need to apply oils in order to make beard growing more docile and healthy.
If you get the chance to date a bearded man, the problem of buying a gift will not affect you. You may just go to any Barbershop and ask a consultant to advise you on these products. You may buy your man a whole grooming kit with a straight raizor or just some oils. If you want to show your man respect and that you like his beard, don’t miss this advice.
8 Lifesaver Gifts For Your New Boyfriend

6. Hot Sauce Cookbook

If your man likes spicy food and had a chance to hear about one of the world’s hottest peppers – the Carolina Reaper (or even try it), then you already know what to give him as a gift. 3 out of 5 men like to cook, when it comes to steaks and meat cooking. This hot sauce cookbook will be of addition to make dishes become more complicated and unique. Don’t try to buy just a regular cookbook, trust us – they’re so much boring that your man will never have a chance to open it. Each gift needs to be approached wisely.

7. Coffee Gadgets

The ritual of making coffee is a very sensitive and complex thing. Of course, if we’re talking about real coffee. But do not rush with a gift if you are not sure that your man prefers coffee to tea.
Nowadays there’s a big variety of different coffee gadgets that can be bought both online and offline. If your man likes coffee as a cold-brew, iced coffee than make him happy with a cold-brewing bottle. If your boyfriend more a french press person – buy this.
There’s a large variety of coffee grinders for all tastes, a chemex and also an aeropress. If you don’t know what to buy, you may have a consultation with a barista in the nearest coffee-shop. Remember that every gift should serve as a reminder – and every time your man will brew coffee he’ll be thinking about you.

8. Event Tickets

There’s no better gift than a ticket for the live Metallica show. Of course, we’re just kidding and respect the tastes of all people.
If you once thought that you do not know what to give your young man, then buying a ticket to a concert of his favorite band or his favorite show can be your lifesaver. Memories make the best gifts and most men tend to keep their tickets after concerts, especially if they have autographs of their beloved musicians on them. If your boyfriend doesn’t like music, then try to get him a ticket for an upcoming game of his favorite team. This gift is one of those that will forever leave a mark on the soul, no matter what happens in the future. He will always remember you as a person who showed sincere care for his interests.