8 Reasons Why The Queen’s Gambit Deserves Your Time


Debuting on October 23, 2020, “The Queen’s Gambit” has become the most-watched TV series on the Netflix platform. The story follows the life and challenges of a fictional character named Beth Harmon. Surprisingly, immediately after debut, The Queen’s Gambit held the first position in the Netflix Top 10 most-watched for weeks. Although the first season of the miniseries consists of 7 episodes, viewers loved the story of Beth Harmon and are looking forward to its sequel. If you haven’t watched this masterpiece yet, there are 8 reasons why you should hurry up and be sure you won’t regret your spent time!

The story inspired by Walter Tevis’ novel

Over the years, the film adaptation of this novel has attracted interest from the big Hollywood guys, including Heath Ledger, whose life suddenly ended. Allan Scott and Scott Frank then returned to the adaptation and eventually wrote one of the most successful series in Netflix history.
8 Reasons Why The Queen's Gambit Deserves Your Time

These are more than episodes of a mini-series

Most viewers have focused on the smooth flow of events in The Queen’s Gambit, which makes it look like a full-length movie. This decision was used intentionally and perfected by a talented director. Scott Frank, by the way, shot all seven episodes.

It’s all about chess

It’s amazing how such an insignificant element could become almost central to the series. If you didn’t like this game, you will obviously change your mind. The Queen’s Gambit will talk about Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, an orphan who learns to play chess from a janitor. The girl becomes a fan of the game and dreams of becoming the best in the world, demonstrating her talent over and over again.

Chess is well integrated into every series aspect

You might think Beth is obsessed with chess, and she is. She constantly thinks about this game but apart from that, chess is perfectly integrated into all aspects of the miniseries. In the end, the game is a thematic element of the entire plot, reflected in the life, style, and behaviour of the main character.
8 Reasons Why The Queen's Gambit Deserves Your Time

Anya Taylor-Joy mastered difficult chess moves minutes before filming

There is no doubt about Anya Taylor-Joy’s acting skills, but she is also extremely intelligent. Most of the chess moves were learned by her a few minutes before filming, and it looks so confident on the screen, it seems that this girl is capable of anything!

Excellent script, cinematography, and scenery

Ingeborg Heinemann and Steven Meizler spent a lot of time making their decor and cinematography complement each other and as a result viewers would follow Beth’s life with anticipation. Ingeborg Heinemann decided to temporarily tone down the background colours by focusing on bright elements to reflect the understated character of Beth Harmon. That goes well with the cinematography and script that propelled The Queen’s Gambit to number one in the Netflix’s rankings.
8 Reasons Why The Queen's Gambit Deserves Your Time

Costume designs are mesmerizing

This mini-series has a unique storyline with excellent directorial decisions. But costume design deserves our attention too. Gabriele Binder, a costume designer brilliantly portrayed the 50s and 60s era. Many outfits are designed with chess elements and patterns that complement the image of the talented child prodigy.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s eyes give The Queen’s Gambit a big emotional range

Beth looks lifelike thanks to Anya Taylor-Joy’s emotional acting. In addition to unusual facial expressions, the actress uses additional techniques like spaces between words. The silence of the characters is compensated by her silent gazes that pierce every viewer, not to mention her chess rivals.


Immediately after the release of the first episode of The Queen’s Gambit, critics predicted a great future and, as we can see, all expectations were justified.