Amazing Cakes with Pressed Flowers by Loria Stern

For the lovers of esthetic foodstuffs, we have found something special. Loria Stern, a baker from Los Angeles, is a true master of her confectionary work. She makes amazing cakes decorated with pressed flowers.

She makes nearly everything: cakes, cookies, biscuits, and many other types of bakery products. They appear as masterpieces. But, here is we want to share one secret. Loria does not simply decorate her bakery with flowers and herbs. She bakes such into her tasty foodstuffs. Decorating cakes with fresh flowers may look unusual. But, Loria’s approach is even twice unusual.

It is obvious that Loria enjoys experiments and they bring more than good results. But, as for any new activity, Loria had many attempts and errors before she had managed to gain her skill. And it was worthy. Her botanical additions are like from the Victorian ages.

  1. This picture illustrates the secret we have mentioned before. As you may see, all flourish additions are placed on future cookies before starting their baking. The anti-inflammatory qualities help these flowers preserve their shape on the backed products. And it is completely safe and can be tasty to you.
    Amazing Cakes with Pressed Flowers by Loria Stern
  2. This cake has three layers. It contains raspberries and Swiss meringue. Such a combination makes it extremely tasty. But, the gorgeous look it has is only thanks to the baked flowers. These flowers Loria collected in her garden, pressed them gently, and backed then. Such an approach sounds and looks very intriguing.
  3. These flowers and the conception of adding them this way have made cookies like from the Victorian age. They are also amazingly tasty.
  4. And here are macarons with baked flowers. This is truly the Victorian-age desert. It is filled with dark cream. Sounds unusual, isn’t it? But, it tastes good. It is worth to try.
    Amazing Cakes with Pressed Flowers by Loria Stern
  5. Here are geranium rose biscuits with raspberry. These bakery products can become a perfect present for a birthday, an anniversary, or any other very special occasion.
  6. These pressed cookies are non-gluten. And they are with wheatgrass and matcha instead. Yes, this is a healthy diet. These cookies are low-calories. But, fans say they are also extremely delicious.
  7. This is a very good combination of colors, isn’t it? Yellow and rose match perfectly each other. The yellow color is prepared using turmeric. The pink color is about raspberry berries. The frosting for these cookies was made using natural additions.
    Amazing Cakes with Pressed Flowers by Loria Stern
  8. This one of the best dishes for summer. It’s a citrine patch pie. This meal is very light and easy to cook. It is a good dessert, isn’t it?
  9. Yes, pea tendrils can be also effectively used for decorations. This quiche looks amazing with that. Who could imagine getting such a good result?
    Amazing Cakes with Pressed Flowers by Loria Stern
  10. These shortbread cookies not only look good with floral additions. They also have an amazing taste as their fans say. Loria takes care of saving these cookies. She customized packaging, so your cookies could reach your door and remain tasty.
  11. These square-formed cookies with oregano look amazing. They are pressed but look more than good. Loria knows how to do this well. Cookies induce to purchase a couple to try. Even it is not a regular taste, it still can be a good and unusual option.
    Amazing Cakes with Pressed Flowers by Loria Stern
  12. As you may see, decorating cakes with pressed flourishing looks amazing indeed. All these designs were created by Loria. She chose all possible flower options for making her bakery products look more than uncommon.

These tasty foodstuffs were definitely pressed and baked with inspiration.