Donuts Out of the Box: 12 Unusual Examples

Donuts are so much popular for obvious reasons. They taste so good and look good also. Yes, sometimes they can be hardly considered to be healthy foods. But, this does not obstruct their popularity at all. Donuts can be different: chewy, glazed, with different fillings, flavors, or toppings. Donuts makers are inventive about creating new samples and turning simple recipes into truly amazing and tasty. There are plenty of unique and delicious samples of donuts you should try if you have this chance. Some of them have really amazed us. And we want to show you all those samples.

  1. Mochi Donuts

Especially for Japanese cuisine lovers, we have found Mochi donuts. Yes, this is also possible. This rice pastry is combined with various fillings and flavors. It looks like an American dish but tastes like Japanese. Try it when you will have this chance.

  1. Bacon Donuts 

This sounds exciting already, isn’t it? This is a new level of making donuts for gourmands. Bacon and maple syrup together are so unusual, so rare people find this tasty. Still, such a dish also has its followers and definitely worthy to be tried even once or twice. This is an extraordinary approach to making donuts you may find good for you also.

  1. Mars Bar Donuts

Mars Bar lovers can treat this version of the donut as a complete satisfaction for them. If you ones of such people and have not tried this donut yet, then you have missed a lot. Even it is not an everyday meal, you still need to try it. For a special occasion or to give you new emotions, try this Mars donut for sure.
Donuts Out of the Box: 12 Unusual Examples

  1. Rainbow  

Nearly everyone enjoys a rainbow. It is truly amazing but when it is inside and outside a donut, it is even twice amazing. Just look at it: rainbow layers, filling, glaze, and sprinkles. Looks good and tastes more than good. Sweet and colorful donuts are definitely worth to try as soon as you can find them.

  1. Spicy Donut

Sounds unusual, yes? Yes, we have accustomed that donuts are sweet in most cases. Still, they can be spicy also. This sample is with cayenne pepper inside of it and with cinnamon on the top. It is accompanied by chocolate and chilly. That is a hot combination for those who love extreme dishes. But, we suggest everybody try it, especially those who want to experience new tastes.

  1. Kawaii  

Another example of donuts inspired by Japanese cuisine is kawaii donuts. They are made in the form of animals and various amazing characters. The goodies sometimes look too cute to eat them. But they not only cute but also very tasty.

  1. Golden Snitch 

It looks like especially for Harry Potter fans. They will be in seventh heaven after tasting these donuts. The goodie not only looks magical but also tastes the same. Its glaze looks amazing and unusual. Try also what is inside of Golden Snitch donut.

  1. Donut with Fried Chicken

If you have traditional views about pastry and donuts, we have another example to impress you. Here is a donut with chicken. This not wrong if it is cooked well. On the contrary, this donut explores a new combination of tastes worthy to try. For curious people and those who have accustomed to eating sweet donuts only, this example can taste well.

  1. Sticky Bun

Yes, we have to mention this donut also. It is equally delicious as it sounds. When the sales of Sticky Bun donuts had started, they became so popular so there was a limit of sales for 2 donuts per person. Just imagine that! These donuts still remain popular. If you have not tried them, surely do this. Their name corresponds to their content – they are double tasty.

  1. Ripple Donut

You can get three donuts at once. All of them are sliced like a cake. One bakery from New York had launched making these donuts and the goodies became very popular. We surely recommend you to taste this amazing meal. Triple tastiness is guaranteed.

  1. S’mores             

This kind of donut already sounds unusual. Fans consider s’mores as indeed perfect. It can suit well for an autumn evening. So, don’t limit yourself and try this donut also.

12. Rum Cake Cronut

These cronuts have an amazing taste. They are sweet and have rum notes. The cronuts are easy to cook and they are comparatively popular. Still, the goodies are not very acceptable for underage people. But, if you are an adult already, we strongly recommend you trying this dessert asap.