Signs of Chemistry Between Two Persons

Believe it or not, the chemistry may be described not only like “Oh, I love him so much!” and “I really like her!” Sometimes it is all much more subtle. You may not even be aware that there is powerful chemistry between you and the other person. You begin to notice that sometimes you do odd acts not even realising it. Strong chemistry can even be with the person whom you seem to be paying no attention at all, or even with whom you have developed an antagonistic relationship. So let’s talk about what chemistry looks like. Here are 9 signs to look out for when you feel interested in a person.

Easy to talk

Yes, you may feel uncomfortable in the beginning, but communication becomes more comfortable over time. You start laughing more at each other’s jokes. Your voice becomes softer, and his voice deeper. This is perhaps the most essential factor: you do not feel that your communication is tense, you behave naturally. Strong feelings are when you don’t have to deliberately come up with conversation topics and feel out of place.

The more awkward moments you have in communication, the weaker your chemistry. Good chemistry means that you both have similar thoughts, similar plans, and communicate efficiently. In talking to such a person, your mind does not reflect, and you are not obliged to continually analyse your thoughts. You like this person more and more, and you are happy to communicate with him. Harmonious couples are easy to recognize even by body language. Their interaction is like a free dance.
Signs of Chemistry Between Two Persons

Noticing small things

How many times have you seen that she has changed the colour of her nails from light blue to light-sky blue? How many times have you seen that he uses your favourite cologne when you are together? That shows that you are eager to look at his or her each detail. Even a small piece will not hide from you. You know this person as good as your five fingers. If it were not the chemistry, you would not notice them.

You always notice their touches and try to do the same

One of the most noticeable signs of chemistry is the desire to touch the object of sympathy. But to be honest, we usually do not think to ourselves, “I like this person … I’m going to touch him, ooh!” It is, instead, a conscious reaction. In flirting, you begin to touch the person you like (for example, the arm or shoulder). Sometimes an electrical shock runs through both of you, such as when you accidentally touch each other. You suddenly feel uncomfortable with this touch. You both feel that something is happening, even if you cannot figure out what it is.
Signs of Chemistry Between Two Persons

You catch each other’s eyes

Many people feel not that comfortable while looking at someone’s eyes. Of course, it depends on the culture and the people you communicate with. Still, when you like someone, your eyes’ moves become too noticeable. After you look into her or his eyes and don’t feel comfortable, there is a chemistry between you.

The language of bodies

As we mentioned above, people see how you change your behaviour while communicating with this person. One can see many signs if to look carefully at someone’s body movements. It is hard to control your body language when the chemistry is doing its business.


You feel the courage to tell the person you are drawn to something that you would never say to anyone else. Both of you slowly push each other out of your comfort zone, testing what you are actually experiencing. People who feel strong chemistry often tease or make fun with stupidly funny questions, ambiguous hints, and often talking nonsense. Do you feel like you can speak to this person about anything? Don’t take it for granted – this doesn’t happen to people you don’t feel incredibly close to.
Signs of Chemistry Between Two Persons

Time will fly

When you are with someone you feel something, the time will fly as fast as a spaceship. Every minute and moment is valuable, and you do not waste your time while you are together. You can spend a whole evening just in conversation, but you will feel like you have talked only for a few minutes.

You are at the centre of attention

Usually, even such subtle things as too long hugs and shaking hands do not escape your loved ones’ watchful gaze. However, keep in mind that chemistry works best when you feel confident in yourself and your own life. If you feel like you are too clumsy or shy, try connecting with different people. Over time, you will master the art of flirting. Your communication with the person you like will be easy, natural, and fun!

Your laughter will not let you lie

There is one thing that harder to control than body language. You may guess that’s your laughter. Every time he or she tells you the silly jokes, you cannot hide your genuine emotions. Also, you may notice that the sillier joke, the funnier it is.