Tips For Your Blind Date

Someone might say that blind dates are a weird blast from the past. To check it out, just remember how many people do you know who actually have this experience? That is probably due to Tinder and various social networks where you can meet anyone. Previously, people went on dates without even knowing about their partner’s favourite colour, but today this trend isn’t the most popular. That is good from one side because knowing a little about a person gives you a sense of security. But there is nothing wrong with blind dating as it is a great experience. Just follow these simple tips and enjoy the romantic atmosphere!

Drink no more than one drink

Drinking on the first date, especially a blind one, not recommended. But if it makes you relax, try to limit yourself to only one drink. Drinking one glass after another will at least show you are a fool …and is it because you are nervous? So one drink should be enough to relieve stress and relax on a date like this!

Try to call before

Yes, it may violate some rules of blind dating. You can ask for a phone number and call him/her to discuss the details as you both want to meet. That is a great opportunity to discuss the topic of conversation, cuisine in the restaurant where you are going, and much more. There is nothing wrong with this, and in the end, hearing the voice of your partner, you will feel the security that we have already talked about. Another little tip: it can be a video call because you need to know who to look for.
Tips For Your Blind Date

Make sure you know good enough and trust your matchmaker

Typically, most blind dates are organized by friends. They usually know everything about you, and therefore, they will look for the best partner for you. But if you are interested in the successful ending of your date, make sure you know well the person who is organizing it. You probably want to meet someone who shares your interests and preferences. That is why it is important to trust to matchmakers!

Be yourself

 Don’t wear a mask before the date and be true to yourself. Don’t laugh at unfunny jokes or lie about your interests. You came on this date because your matchmaker thinks you two have common interests. Don’t talk about who you are not, especially when it comes to job and career. If your partner has feelings for you, know that he/she had a good reason for this.
Tips For Your Blind Date

Be fun and positive

The person appearing in your life know almost nothing about you. No need to say what you hate and how tired you are of the daily routine. On a blind date, it’s important to stay positive and be open-minded. That gives you a chance to learn more about your partner’s interests and her/his life, which can lead to a romantic or at least a friendly relationship.
Tips For Your Blind Date

Dress for the occasion

What does it mean? When preparing for a blind date, choose the right outfit to make a good impression, but make sure you are still you. Don’t wear a luxurious white dress and stiletto heels if you don’t dress like that most of the time. Surely, this is the first time then he/she will see you, but still let him/her see what your non-date-look like is.

It certainly takes preparation to feel comfortable plus relaxed…but not more than one drink!